18 Larger Than Life Strong Men That Went Overboard

Who’s not to say that all bodybuilders push themselves to the limit, but here are the top 22 bodybuilders that have really pushed everything to a limit. Our list begins with 18.  Moustafa Ismail, A.K.A, Big Mo, Egyptian Bodybuilder currently living in Massachusetts has been pumping Iron for the las 10 years and has been injecting his muscles with Synthol – not a growth hormone or an anabolic steroid by a synthetic oil for giving weight lifters freakish, almost cartoon-like muscles.  Due to receiving compliments from fellow fitness enthusiasts on the size of his arms, he decided to becoming bigger.

Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.co.uk

Moustafa reached that goal with his arms the circumference of a grown man’s waist.  Bodybuilder has real-life Popeye arms that measure 31-inches around.  Skeptics say Ismail’s Popeye arms have to be the cause of steroids, surgery or another artificial means.  But Moustafa insists his arms are all natural.  Even with the naysayers, Moustafa insists his arms are real and allows them to be x-rayed, with no findings of surgery or artificial implants.  The Guinness World Record holder for the biggest arms in the world, Moustafa, the Egyptian bodybuilder.

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