See The Fishing Adventure That Almost Demolished This Charter Fishing Boat

Many people expect fishermen to tell tall tales about the huge fish they’ve caught, and about the even bigger fish that got away. As you might expect, most of these stories are false. However, some of them, like the ones in this article, are true.

Marlin are some of the most sought-after sport fish in the world. They are large, fast, and quite strong. They are also relatively smart. All of these qualities make them one of the most difficult fish to catch in the world. In addition to the aforementioned qualities, marlins also have a large and very sharp bill, which can cause serious injury if the marlin hits a person with it.

Of course, marlins aren’t the only dangerous fish on the sea. There are many others that are capable of scaring even the most seasoned fishermen. Even fishermen that aren’t scared of this fish have learned to respect them. Read some of these incredible (but true!)¬†fishing stories below…


True Fishing Stories That Sound Fake

Grouper Gulps Down Shark

This particular incident takes place in the Gulf of Mexico a few miles out from Bonita Springs, Florida. A fisherman had caught a five foot long black-tip shark and was reeling it in. Just as the shark neared the boat, it vanished. It took the fisherman a second to realize that a huge grouper had swallowed it one bite.

Grouper can be 10 feet long or more, and have very large mouths filled with powerful teeth. They crush their prey whole, whether it’s sharks, octopi, or sea turtles.

Sunfish Confuses Fishermen

Everybody knows that fishing and drinking go hand in hand. During the summer of 2015, two guys from Boston, Jay Foster and Mikey Bergin, were fishing and drinking when they saw a huge fish floating next to their boat. Bergin proceeded to spend roughly five minutes drunkenly attempting to identify the creature. He first guesses (incorrectly) that it is a turtle, a baby whale, a flounder, or a tuna. He thinks it’s either dead or giving birth, and thinks about donating it to the New England Aquarium. He alternates between wanting to help it and wanting to reel it in and sell it. He and Jay eventually try to do this, but the fish ends up being a sunfish and they simply release it. The video was later featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Mystery Fish Identified

A man named Brendan Byrne was fishing near the beach in North Carolina when he caught a weird and ugly yellow and brown fish. He asked some local fisherman nearby what sort of fish it was, and they told him it was an “oyster cracker,” more commonly known as a toadfish. The toadfish is a very hardy species. It is found in the Atlantic Ocean from New England all the way down to the Caribbean. It is known for living in difficult conditions on small amounts of food. After he’d figured out what the mystery fish was, Byrne quickly released it. The large, sharp fins and menacing head of the toadfish probably had something to do with his decision.

Malaysian Fisherman Lands Bizarre Catch

A Malaysian fisherman named Sapar Mansor reeled in a strange fish in the South China sea a few years ago. Neither he nor any of the other local fisherman quite knew what to make of it. They’d all seen some strange fish in their time, but nothing quite like this. The fish was brown and silver, with a head that seemed too big for its body. Two long and sharp fins came out of its mouth like tusks. The bottom of the fish had many dangerous spines. Experts eventually decided that the fish was something known as an armored searobin, which is usually found only in the deep ocean. While Mansor himself may have been a little freaked out, his wife called the fish a “gift from God.”

California Sea Serpents

In 2013, two giant oarfish washed onto the beaches of California. These long and skinny fish can measure up to 50 feet from head to tail and are responsible for most mythical tales of sea serpents. The two that landed in California were only 18 and 14 feet long, but this was big enough to scare the locals. Not only do these oarfish look dangerous, but they are known to rise from their normal homes in the deep ocean when an earthquake is imminent. This may just be a coincidence. Scientists aren’t sure why this happens.

A Fish in Your Front Lawn

Alaskans are used to living amongst nature. However, even they must have been surprised by what happened in 2015. In the city of Fairbanks, two live eel-like fish were found on dry land. One was in a resident’s front lawn, and the other was in the parking lot of a store. Experts identified the fish as Arctic lamprey and theorized that they had been dropped on dry land by the birds who’d caught them.

Florida Captain Has Not One But Two Crazy Stories

Captain Mark Quartiano reeled in a very uncommon hookskate shark near Miami Beach several years ago. The rare beast weighed 800 pounds, and was covered in barnacles. According to Quartiano, the shark looked like a dinosaur and was roughly 14 feet long. Very little is known about the hookskate shark.

Quartiano’s hookskate shark catch came only a few months after he posted a picture of a two-headed shark that he claims was caught somewhere off of the Florida coast, but he won’t say exactly where.

Fishing is More Exciting Than You Might Think

All of these incredible tales show that deep-sea fishing can as exhilarating as any other sport. There are many strange and dangerous creatures to be caught. You never know what you’re going to pull out of the ocean.

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