Scientists Invent Robo-Golfer And It Nails A Perfect Hole In 1

Playing golf typically takes years and many swings to get right. Even then a hole in one is something quite rare in the golfing world. Golf Digest says its something that happens only once in 12,500 shots if you are an amateur. But what if there was a way to achieve this masterful golf stroke on a regular occasion? What would that mean for the world of golfing pros and their caddies? Taking the risk and reward away from golf by making holes in one easy as pie could have a devastating effect on the golfing world. Sure, robots can do anything humans can do these days.

Ask anyone in Japan and they will agree with you. From cleaning houses like on the Jetsons to driving you from place to place with Google’s self-driving cars, robots are more intuitive and capable than ever before. The Age of Robots – That’s where a robot named Eldrick comes onto the golf green. An interesting factoid: Eldrick is actually the birth name for Tiger Woods aka Eldrick “Tiger” Woods.

Eldrick is quickly transforming the golfing green to feature far more than caddies and golfing carts. This electrical marvel is blowing minds and sending golf balls sailing.

Straight into the hole, that is. If a robot can hit a golf ball into the hole what does that mean for the world of golf? After all, this is a game of skill and luck.


The wind blows a certain way and the grass is groomed in a particular manner, those are typically the contenders of a golfer’s ball as it makes its way to the next hole. So what happens when a robot named Eldrick achieves that which most amateur golfers only dream of? One could contend that the invention of robots capable of playing golf shows just how far we’ve come with technology. Better yet, when are they going to invent a robotic golf caddy that saves your buddies from having to drive the cart after one too many brewskis?

Attracting Positive Attention to Golf – Another way of looking at this is that golf is a rich man’s sport. While Tiger Woods opened the door to minorities and female golfers are becoming more common, there still remains the fact that golfing is something of a traditional sport. Most teenagers aren’t hanging out at the putting greens because it’s a cool place to be. Furthermore you aren’t going to see a lot of nerdy people spending time checking out mathematical slopes and degrees in relation to getting a hole in one. The invention of a robot that can take on the best of the golfing world is something that will bridge the gap between hardcore golfers and those with more of a tech savvy background.

Photo Credit: washingtonpost.comPhoto Credit: As the age of robots comes to pass it’s time to bring to light the fun and innovative ways that robotics can attract more types of people to the game of golf. This might just be the life line that helps keep golf relevant to the younger generation who are all too interested in tablets, video games and robots. What do you think about Eldrick the robot? Would you like to test your golf skills against this friendly looking albeit mechanical player? I’m sure you won’t be alone in saying that he’s got your undivided attention!

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