NFL Super Star, Jerry Rice Takes A Part-Time Job With Lyft

We’ve all been there: you need a ride and for whatever the reason you can’t drive yourself. You pull out your phone, open the Lyft app, then order your ride. You’re instantly connected to a driver who is using his or her own car guaranteed to be newer than a year 2000 model, and the driver comes to pick you and take you wherever you want to go. When your ride is over, you get to rate the driver, and the driver gets to rate you. Now, imagine you’re looking for a ride somewhere in San Francisco and nice bearded gentleman is your driver.

He asks you some questions, kind of like you do when you ride with someone you don’t know. Maybe he asks who your favorite football team is. Maybe he can spot that you’re a natural born singer. Maybe he says that he would like to be an actor. Information is shared between the two of you.

At some point the man stops and says he needs to stretch. Do you mind? The next thing you know you’re dancing with this strange but very friendly Lyft driver by the side of a road next to park.

Is this some sort of hidden camera prank? Apparently those people who got a ride that day didn’t think so. They got a lift, and some got to show off their dance skills and even sing for Jerry Rice!


The Hall of Fame wide receiver of the San Francisco 49ers was the Lyft driver for those lucky people. All those riders had to do was use the Lyft app to order a ride, enter their pickup address, and they were connected to a driver. The app showed them a picture of the driver and the car’s license plate and model. Lyft wants to ensure that their riders know who they’re getting a ride from, and they want everyone involved to feel safe. What makes it even safer is riders who have given more than 30 pickups have a pink mustache on their vehicle.

In San Francisco, Lyft has two ways passengers can pay. There is a suggested donation amount they can pay, or they can pay the amount they choose. There is a minimum fare, and if you’ve had a Lyft ride in another city, it won’t be the same in a different location. A tip is figured into the fare, but passengers are allowed to add to the gratuity if they choose to at the end of the ride. When rides are in higher demand, the price of the ride goes up.

When using Lyft, up to four passengers can order a Photo Credit: cnn.comPhoto Credit: cnn.compickup, and they can count on the fact that they will be given a ride by a licensed drivers. These aren’t luxury cars, but they are licensed and they are newer than a 2000 model. In San Francisco and Los Angeles, riders can also use Lift Line. With this service, the passenger can choose a set route while using the app, and a Lyft driver picks them up. If other passengers are on the route, the price goes down. There’s no guarantee someone else will need a ride on your route, so your rate may go down, or you may have to pay the full price.

There is no guarantee that Jerry Rice will be your driver, but there is no guarantee he won’t. Just give Lyft a try and who knows?

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