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When most people think of Piranhas, images of brutal fish viciously ripping apart any carcass that enters its view probably fill the mind. Piranhas have been featured in many movies as the consummate aquatic villain. With sharp teeth and an aggressive nature, these fish should not be taken lightly. Piranhas tend to work in groups to take down larger prey. The senior piranhas will eat first. If a younger piranha steps out of line, it is prone to an attack by the angry, more senior piranhas.

Due to their predatory nature, these saltwater fish are common targets for brave fishermen. Many people hunt these fish for food. Furthermore, because they bite quickly, most people don’t have to wait long before catching one. The fish are attracted to meat and will take the bait easily. This makes for an adventurous, intense day on the water. Because these fish are relatively easy to catch, this has become a way of life for many people in the jungle. Despite its risks, there are a variety of piranha fishing methods available; however, some methods are better than others. One of the more common methods involves attaching some meat to a typical fishing rod and line and waiting for the fish to bite.

Some people choose to forgo the rod and  lower meat into the water attached to a string. This is because these fish can snap fishing lines and rods easily. When a fish is caught, simply remove the bait with the fish attached and shake the fish into the bucket. It is important to do this with caution, as piranhas are still alive and can bite people as well as other fish. For many people, the excitement of piranha fishing is not just a source of nutrition but is also addicting.


When selecting a fishing line, a 20-pound strength will withstand the weight and force of most piranhas. In contrast to conventional fishing, people are actually told to make a substantial amount of noise. While this scares most other fish off, piranhas are looking for signs of another animal presence. Because their prey makes noise as it swims through the water, this noise serves to attract piranhas to the bait. Some common methods include slapping the water with sticks, shaking the fishing rods in the water, or even dropping objects into the water. This acts to fake out the piranhas into believing that there is a wounded fish nearby. Try to avoid using hands and feet to disrupt the water. Sometimes, the piranhas will bite people as well. The locals will call this technique “water prepping.”

Furthermore, make sure the location is a good spot. There are certain types of water that piranhas like. These typically include locations with a large amount of fish for the piranhas to feed on. Once a good spot is located, make sure to keep returning to this location. In addition, most people will keep their fishing holes secret. This helps to keep the population of piranhas high for multiple years to come. If a fishing spot gets used up, it can be a challenge to find a new spot.

For people looking for a great starting location, check out the Royal Charlotte Bank for piranha fishing. In addition to piranhas, this bank is home to some truly awe-inspiring aquatic creatures. People from all over the world flock to this location for optimal fishing conditions. In fact, there are so many piranhas living in this region that people will even fish for piranhas without a fishing rod or line at all. People are seen using nothing but a fishing net to catch piranhas. They will attract piranhas to their location by “water prepping” and sweep the net through the water to catch the carnivorous fish. This is a fast method, but people can risk getting bitten by the piranhas or having the piranhas eat through the net and escape.

Some people will fish with double nets in anticipation of this problem. This gives the fishermen time to dump out the piranhas into their bucket before losing their catch. This is an impressive method of fishing for piranhas for people to behold. For people who rely on piranhas as a source of food, this is an exciting way to feed a family. People who line the banks catching these fish absolutely revel in the heart-pounding experience.

When someone is just learning to fish for piranhas, there are several important pieces of advice to consider. First of all, people should start off using a standard fishing rod and line method for safety reasons before trying to use a line without a rod or, certainly, a net. The type of reel is important. Spinning reels or ballcasting reels are standard classes and will work well when fishing for piranhas. The ballcasting reel is far more accurate than the spinning reel. In addition, the ballcasting reel is also more durable.

Finally, it can handle the size of piranhas better than the spinning reel can. The only downside is that the ballcasting reel is a challenge to use. Therefore, most beginning fishers will elect to choose a different kind of reel before attempting to use the ballcasting reel. While not quite as effective as a ballcasting reel, the spinning reel is far easier to learn quickly and can still handle piranhas up to around 20 pounds. if the line is any tighter, the piranha will simply bite through the line and escape. It can be disheartening for people to lose their catch when they are first starting out.

While spinning reels and ballcasting reels are good choices for catching these carnivorous fish, not everyone will require a reel. or pole Take a look at this Brazilian piranha expert. She shows off some impressive skills in this video!

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